Guide to a Budget-Friendly Relocation to Colorado Springs


So, you’ve decided to move to Colorado Springs and – you’ve made a great choice. If you are a resident of Colorado Springs you can enjoy majestic mountains, beautiful weather and fun little neighborhoods that you will love to call home. It’s one gem of the city, with many cultural events and interesting festivals and it has a lot to offer to anyone who moves there. It is a fitness-friendly city with a modern ambiance near Denver, which is one of the reasons why so many people choose to live there. When you decided to move, you should know that moving can be an overwhelming experience, but an expensive one as well. No matter where you decide to move, the relocation is not wallet-friendly. However, there are some ways to keep your costs down, so before you pack your stuff and hit the road, check out these tricks and tips for a budget-friendly relocation to Colorado Springs.

Make a moving plan

Apart from being expensive, did you know that moving is also one of the most stressful situations in life? Therefore, you need to be prepared to manage all that stress and to make moving less stressful. Planning is one way to it. Planning is also the easiest way to make your relocation budget-friendly and smooth. The moment you decide that you will be relocating you need to start making a moving plan. To help you out, here are some guidelines on what to do:

  • get moving material such as cardboard boxes and packaging foil – you will need a lot of them, so make sure you have it enough
  • ask friends and family to help you with packing and moving things – if you want a budget-friendly relocation to Colorado Springs, you don’t want to pay people to help you with packing
  • provide a parking space for a moving company’s vehicle – the truck has to be parked in front of your home, so make sure there is space for the big truck
  • make a list of your belongings for easy reference when unpacking – with a list you will be sure that none of your belongings is lost during relocation

When you have everything well prepared, your move to Colorado Springs will be much easier, plus budget-friendly.

For a budget-friendly relocation, don’t buy cardboard boxes

Of course, you will need boxes when you are moving, a lot of them and different sizes! The moving companies count on you not being prepared and thus having to pay for their boxes. Don’t let them outsmart you! The boxes are everywhere, and they are yours if you just ask. You can bring some boxes from your office and ask colleagues to save some for you. They will most certainly be glad to help you. You can ask your friends and family for boxes they don’t need or use social media to find people with an extra box to give you. Try asking for boxes in a liquor store, since they have nice and sturdy boxes as the liquor is heavy. This way, the only thing you will have to buy is two rolls of packing tape.

Pick a reliable moving company

If you want a budget-friendly relocation, it doesn’t mean that you have to it on your own. But, it also doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the first moving company you find online, even when moving from a distant place. Before you hire a moving company, you should do research and try to find a good and reliable moving company. You need to find a company that can relocate everything you have in the safest and fastest manner, and at an affordable price. However, just because the moving company offers you the lowest price doesn’t mean it’s right for you.  Some of the cheap companies will hold your property until you pay additional taxes, so be careful.

Consider moving container

However, if you have decided to do all the moving without the help of a moving company then a moving container is a great solution for you.  A moving container is an excellent budget-friendly option to consider when you have time to load and unload your stuff. A company that rents moving containers will park a large container in front of your home and you can load it at your own pace. Once you’ve done with the loading, you call the company to move the container to your new address. You can unload the container at your convenience and call the company to take away the empty container when you are done with the unloading. You will do some work with all that loading and unloading, but you can save some money along the way. Of course, you can always ask friends to help you.

Throw some of your belongings away

Moving is a great reason to declutter your home and get rid of the things you won’t need in your new home in Colorado Springs. Besides, the moving companies charge based on weight, so the fewer items you have, the less you will pay. Therefore, organize your belongings and have a budget-friendly relocation to Colorado Springs. You can sell that sports equipment you haven’t used for ages and it’s now just a place to hang your clothes. Donate clothes you don’t wear to a local Red Cross, thus making a good deed and paying less to a moving company. Finally, toss away stacks of magazines, old newspapers, and appliances that don’t work anymore. You might think that it will be difficult to throw away your very-much-liked stuff, but you will be surprised when you realize how much of it you don’t use and don’t need. Once you let go of the unnecessary things, your relocation will be much “portable”.

Move to Colorado Springs in off-peak season

For a budget-friendly relocation try to relocate to Colorado Springs during off-peak season. People don’t want to move when the weather is bad, so the offseason for movers are fall and winter. People tend to choose to move during warm months and that’s when the prices of the moving companies are the highest since they have a lot of work. Try to move from October to April, and you can save as much as thirty percent on the cost of hiring movers. Another trick is to avoid moving at the end of the month or mid-month because they tend to be the busiest times for moving companies. Also, try not to move on the weekend. The equation is simple, when demand is lower, you will get a better rate for your move. So, call moving companies and write down the prices for the various days of the month. Remember that the demand for moving companies is the highest during the summer season.

Shut down your utilities

It is crucial to transfer your utilities on time if you want a budget-friendly relocation. The last thing you want to do is to pay utility bills for two places, or an extra month at your old place. Therefore, try to switch off the utilities at your current home just on time, but also to set them up in your new home. Getting the utilities set up in your new home can take some time, so you should start the process before you get to Colorado Springs.  The benefits of owning a home in Colorado Springs are many, but you won’t see them right away if you come to a new home just to find darkness and cold water. You can set your utilities on time either by phone or over the Internet, and make this boring process much easier.

Why you should move to Colorado Springs?

Apart from being one of the most breathtaking cities in the US, Colorado Spring is also a relatively affordable city with plenty to offer for anybody. If you get into the home-buying process in Colorado Springs, you will find plenty of great neighborhoods and all of them have their own vibe. If you are moving to Colorado Springs with children, you will be happy to know that Colorado Springs is home to many great public schools, as well as a number of higher education colleges and universities. If you like to spend time outside with your kids, the city is great for you. It has many parks and all of them offer something different to appreciate. Also, you will have so much to see and do in Colorado Springs that you will never run out of the excitement. You will love Pikes Peak, the most beautiful mountain and the symbol of the city, the Garden of Gods, the top attraction in Colorado Springs, and your children will adore the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Your new life in Colorado Springs waits for you! Try to look at this moving as a happy time in your life and try not the feel the full weight of this most stressful life event. Make smart choices and good plans and you will have a smooth transition and budget-friendly relocation to Colorado Springs. If you put to the test these tricks and tips, you will find that budget-friendly relocation is doable and entirely possible, no matter what other people say. Do some work, be smart, and have a happy moving to Colorado Springs!

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