The Home Selling Process

The first thing we will do is schedule a time to come and view your home to determine its condition in order to compare it to the competition and other homes that have sold in the area.

We will also give advice as to what can be done to make the home as buyer-friendly as possible in order to yield the highest price possible, e.g., staging, small repairs, de-cluttering, maybe some paint, carpet, etc. These recommendations do not necessarily mean that we feel the home is in bad shape or in need, they are just recommendations that we feel will help get the highest price.

It is similar to selling a car. Before you sell it, you may want to have it thoroughly cleaned, waxed and detailed, as well as, fix small items such as a broken antenna or squeaky belt. Otherwise, someone will offer you much less for a cheap fix.

Appraising a home’s value is no science. You can have 3 professionals do a thorough analysis of value on your home and come up with 3 different values. They may not be too far off from each other, but they may differ none the less.

Our approach to the analysis is answering one simple question: “What is the highest possible price this home could sell for in today’s market?”

  • We will also analyze that question in multiple ways: “How much can this home sell for in “as is” condition?”
  • “How much can this home sell for with some new carpet or paint?”


Sometimes, it may be best to sell “as is” to yield the most profit depending on the cost to do repairs or upgrades.

Once we have a complete analysis and determined our opinion of “highest possible” price. We will present that to you. Then you can make a decision as to how much you want to ask for based on our findings.

Once we have an asking price determined, we will come to your home to take professional pictures and a professional HD video.

The pictures will be used on the actual marketed listing to be distributed all over the internet.

The HD video will require about 48 hours of editing/production time after filming in order to ensure the highest quality possible.

We will place an electronic lockbox on your front door with a key inside. Each licensed Realtor who belongs to the Pikes Peak Board of Realtors will have an electronic key that can access the lockbox.

When it is opened, an electronic signature will allow us to know who has accessed the key for your protection.

When we receive an offer, we will verify that the buyer is pre-qualified with a reputable lender before accepting or negotiating. Once we have a pre-qualification letter in hand, we can proceed to negotiate or accepting the contract.

Once the property is under contract, we will collect an earnest deposit from the buyers to place in our escrow accounts (normally about 1% of purchase price).

This earnest money is credited back to the buyer at closing.

The only time the earnest money may be forfeited to the seller is if the buyer proceeds through all the due diligence items in the contract to the end and backs out beyond the legal dates specified in the contract.

While under contract we will order all the title work to be sent to all parties. At this time we will also send all the sellers disclosures to the buyer. You can see the names of those disclosures at the end of this section.

The buyers will complete a final walk-through just before closing to verify that the home is clean and ready for move-in. They will also verify the negotiated inspection items or repairs that were made.

We believe that it is best for the seller to thoroughly clean the home and even have the carpets professionally cleaned before this walk through.

We will meet at a title company with the buyers and their agent to sign all the paperwork for the closing of the home.

We will get to review all the paperwork for accuracy and you will sign the home over to the buyers.

Once the signing is complete, all keys will be turned over to the buyers and you will walk out a happy seller.