6 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Colorado Springs


Not only is Colorado Springs a beautiful city in its own right, but it is also well known for being a great place to relocate. From the stunning natural surroundings to the affordable housing prices, Colorado Springs is a great place to call home. The laidback atmosphere and friendly residents are an added bonus. 

Of course, anyone considering a move to Colorado Springs will undoubtedly have plenty of practical questions. What are the housing prices like? Where are the best schools located? What kinds of shops and restaurants can I find there? What makes this town stand out? 

Luckily, we have got all the details you will need. Let’s take a look at 6 things you need to know before moving to Colorado Springs. 

Price of Housing

The number one question for anyone seeking to relocate is usually: can I afford it? For most people searching for housing in Colorado Springs, the answer will be yes. While the national average cost of monthly rent for an apartment is nearly $1500 per month, an average apartment in Colorado Springs will cost a much more affordable rate of $1200 per month. 

The average rent in neighboring cities like Denver and Boulder costs significantly more: the average rent for an 850 square foot apartment in Denver is $1680, while in Boulder the same space would cost $2000 per month. Depending on which area of Colorado Springs you choose to live in, you may even be able to find a studio apartment for as low as $750 per month. 

For those looking to buy a home in Colorado Springs, the average home price is about $400,000. That is over $100,000 less expensive than Denver, where the average home price is about $529,000. And the Colorado Springs average home costs less than half the average home in Boulder, where the average home price is about $910,000. 

On the least expensive side of the market, you can buy a 588 square foot 1 bed- 1 bath home in Colorado Springs for about $159,000. And at the upper end of the spectrum, a 22,000 square foot villa with 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms will cost around $6.8 million. So, there are homes available to suit any budget in Colorado Springs. 

Where to Live in Colorado Springs

Where you want to live in Colorado Springs will be determined by a number of factors. If the cost of living in your neighborhood is of primary importance, then you may want to consider looking at an area like Knob Hill. The average rent in Knob Hill is $1008 per month, making it one of the most affordable neighborhoods in town, alongside Pikes Peak Park and Spring Creek, another popular neighborhood among renters. The most expensive areas- Wolf Ranch, Stetson Hills, and Springs Ranch- still offer monthly rates that are competitive with the national average, between $1579 and $1614. 

If history, culture, and scenic vistas are your top priorities, then you may want to look at the following areas:

  1. Old North End

Located close to the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, Old North End features homes built in the 1800s and early 1900s. The homeowners’ association keeps a close watch over these historically significant homes, and if you join this community you will be rubbing elbows with doctors, professors, lawyers, and third-generation inheritors of these stately homes. Moving to Old North End means protecting and caring for a piece of cultural heritage. 

  1. The Broadmoor

Built later than Old North End, the mansions of The Broadmoor make up the most prestigious neighborhood in Colorado Springs. Most of these mansions are from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, and all of them are located within walking distance of the legendary Broadmoor Hotel. Most of your neighbors in this luxury neighborhood will also be members of the most exclusive golf courses, frequent the high-class fitness clubs, and dine at the Broadmoor Hotel restaurant. 

  1. Rockrimmon

Rockrimmon is not so far from Downtown, but it can feel worlds away. This part of town tucked into the foothills features architecture from the 1970s, which means zig-zagging streets traversing the sides of the scrub oak hills. Plenty of military officers live here for its convenient distance to the Air Force Academy. But don’t be surprised if you encounter some other types of neighbors: bighorn sheep and herds of deer are known for crossing the roads here, even during traffic hours. 

Colorado Springs Demographics

Colorado Springs is a popular destination for people from every stage of life. Families, students, retirees, and single professionals all choose to make Colorado Springs home. In the state of Colorado, Colorado Springs has one of the highest populations of people younger than 20, most likely due to its universities. There are 11 universities in Colorado Springs, where students can pursue degrees in subjects ranging from art to theology to military training. 

Research studies have revealed that Colorado Springs is also an increasingly popular destination for millennials. In fact, millennials make up over 25% of the city’s population. The rising trend suggests that young singles move here to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, fantastic food, and exciting entertainment options available. The city is also a great destination for remote workers, who can find an abundance of places to work remotely, from co-working spaces with high speed internet access to laptop-friendly cafes and restaurants. 

Colorado Springs is also home to a large population of people between 60 and 70 years old, many of whom may be retirees who have relocated to this area.

Weather and Climate

Colorado Springs is located at high altitudes, far above sea level. Locals here know just how important sunscreen is- the higher altitude means that there is less protection from harmful UV rays, so you can burn more easily. In fact, residents have incorporated SPF into the local lingo to discuss the daily weather- at about 6000 ft closer to the sun than those who live at sea level, it is easy to get more sun exposure than you might expect. And people who are sensitive to altitude changes, like those who have heart conditions, might find that it takes a long time to get used to the thinner air quality here. 

Colorado Springs gets an average of 18 inches of rain per year (much less than the national average of 38). There are about 243 days of sunshine each year, making it one of the sunniest places in the US. But it does get snow in the winters: be prepared for nearly 60 inches of snow over the course of the winter season. 

Summers can get warm but generally stay moderate. High summer temperatures can usually reach around 85 degrees. So the winters may be cold, but the summers are extremely comfortable. You can walk around in the balmy evening breeze and enjoy the mountain air. And even in the midst of a frosty winter, residents are often surprised by an occasional gust of warm wind from the Pacific Coast, a phenomenon that locals call the Chinook. 


For families relocating to Colorado Springs- or young couples planning to start a family- it is important to know where the best schools are. There are 169 public schools in Colorado Springs with good ratings from GreatSchools. And in addition, there are 26 private and charter school options. The top-rated K-6 schools are mostly located close to downtown, but there are plenty of options to choose from throughout the city. 

Colorado Springs has 72 middle schools, 60 high schools, and over 260 preschools, so families with children of all ages will find the community they need here. College students who want to stay close to home, or families who want to relocate to provide more local university options for their teenagers, will find plenty of options in Colorado Springs. 

Colorado College is a private liberal arts college that has been around since 1874. University of Colorado Colorado Springs is a great public university here, while Colorado Technical University and IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs offer private options. The United States Air Force Academy is also located here, which draws many military families. 

Nature and Scenery

No discussion about what you need to know before moving to Colorado Springs can be complete without mentioning the stunning natural surroundings that make Colorado Springs such an attractive destination. 

Towering over Colorado Springs at 14,115 feet high are the famous points of Pike’s Peak. Watching the sunrise and set over Pike’s Peak has become a favorite pastime of local Instagrammers. The towers make a stunning backdrop for everyday life for all residents of Colorado Springs. 

At the base of Pike’s Peak, just a few miles outside of downtown, you will find the Garden of the Gods, a paradisiacal national park. Here you can discover pink, red, and white-hued geological formations that were created millions of years ago when tectonic plates moved and shifted. You can hike, cycle, or ride horses along any of the 21 miles of trails that wind throughout this fascinating scenery. And the park is a great draw for rock climbers, attracting thousands of visitors seeking to scale the cliff sides. 

To traverse the beauty of the local landscape in a different way, thrill-seekers can drive an hour out of town to reach the Royal Gorge Bridge. Suspended in the air nearly 1000 feet above the Arkansas River, this 18-foot-wide, 1260-foot-long attraction is the in fact the highest suspension bridge in the United States. In Royal Gorge Park where the bridge is located, you can also find zip lines, hiking trails, and aerial gondolas, so you can take in the sweeping forest and river vistas beneath you. 

Making Your Home in Colorado Springs

From breathtaking vistas to friendly locals, from abundant sunshine to educational opportunities, there is plenty to draw new residents to make their homes in Colorado Springs. Not only does Colorado Springs welcome you and feel like home, but it also leaves a lasting impression as well. 

In 1893 the writer Katherine Lee Bates visited Colorado Springs during a cross-country travel. She was so impressed with the stunning beauty of this place that she wrote a poem that is now as famous as our national anthem. The poem was “America the Beautiful”, and it truly does justice to the beauty of Colorado Springs.

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